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Let's Talk About Felting - Day 21

Felting is a big rage in the UK and other places in Europe but we have hardly touched the surface here in North America. As a business, our first foray into felting was to follow some patterns and make projects that were fun to create. This soon evolved into designing our own kits of miniature animals. Our first series is our basic series with bears, owls, cats, and bunnies. Oh, such fun! Carina even came up with her own way of creating bears with arms that move and patterns that matched old china sets - you will see a pic of this make at the end of this post. Felting can be a lot of fun and it is easy...

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Creating Coloring Pages on Day 19

I still believe that every person loves to color using either crayons or pencil crayons. I know as a child, it was one of my favorite things to do. I even got into the paint-by-numbers fad. I think my mom was tired of having so many oil paintings on canvas and velvet that she directed me to other things to make. I do remember the countless hours of fun as the painting emerged in front of my eyes as I added lots of color to that flat numbered piece of paper.

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Creating Your Own Style - Day 17

I have been told by dozens of people that creating your own style is exactly what I need to do in order to successfully sell my design work. I agree in some aspects that style is important. To me, the brand carries far more weight. I have spent time trying to find out what my style is and have yet to put a finger on exactly what that might be.

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Ideas Abound Day 16

Anyone else feel this way? I came across a cartoon on Facebook yesterday that exemplified my feelings when it comes to making and crafting! The thought was ohhhh-  will do that project and then take it on. In the meantime, another project idea comes in front of me and I want to take that one on as well, then another, and another, and yet another! In the end, 

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