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Day 15 Working in Small Spaces

Have you ever dreamed of that fabulous craft room? I know some of us have the space to work quite efficiently, but many live in smaller spaces. I, in particular, do not have a craft room and my workspace is part of our living room. I have carved out a fairly decent sized corner of the room but find myself cramped when it comes to larger projects.

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Simple Is Better Than Complex Day 14

Here we are 2 weeks into the challenge and still having more fun than ever. I can hardly wait to do my next project and see what I can make each day. As I mentioned before, sometimes a project will take several days so I work towards threading it around my other daily makes.

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Art and Nature on Day 13

Image from Microsoft Bing Desktop Images Art is all around us, when I look through posts from other people, I often find beautiful images of birds, flowers, and scenery. Often many artists attempt to recreate nature with stunning pieces of work. I truly admire those whose art transfers them to another place while working on their project. When I gaze upon their work, I, too, am taken to another place. Just imagining what they see and how they transform their vision leaves me in awe. As I work through my makes and projects, my goal is to push to perfection before I share anything. That perfection can often hold me back as I spend painstaking hours trying to make the...

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Ground Hog Day! Day 11 of the Challenge

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Here we are at Ground Hog day and day 11 of the making challenge. It is like the movie, you seem to keep repeating the same type of projects over and over again. With this challenge, start thinking about other crafts or makes you want to try. Today is a delve into a mood board - something you should try.

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